karisha Desai

Karisha Desai is a Political Science major and Marketing minor at the College of Charleston. Deciding to attend the College, has allowed her to pursue her passion in politics and impact entrepreneurship by being involved with many organizations and classes. She is a tour guide at the College as well as an active member in her sorority Chi Omega. Her passions include a variety of things but the main is giving a voice and an opportunity for everyone.


Culley deisinger

Culley Deisinger is Business Administration, Entrepreneurship major and Communications minor at College of Charleston. He is from San Francisco, California and came to the East Coast looking for a different experience. As someone who is not interested in politics, Culley is excited to be apart of the PollPit team and help make the subject more approachable. When he is not in the classroom, he is usually out on the water surfing or sailing. 


bryan ko

Bryan Ko is a Computer Science major at the College of Charleston. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and looked to Charleston because of the dynamic city. He is also the Lead Web Developer at the College of Charleston's Office of Sustainability. He is someone that has always been passionate about helping individuals but PollPit allows people to have a voice in a time when free speech is more important than ever. His passions outside of working on PollPit are backpacking, kayaking, and listening to podcasts on Impact entrepreneurship.