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„Ash vs Evil Dead“ () –. „Batwoman“ () – ab „Fear the Walking Dead“ () –. „Future Man“ () –. „Goliath“ () –.

Beste Amazon Prime Serien › Serien › Vikings › News. „Mozart in the Jungle“ () –. Nie mehr wahllos stöbern! Wir haben die besten Amazon-Prime-Serien gerankt und erklären euch in unserem ultimativen Guide, was sie auszeichnet. „Homecoming“ () –. „Preacher“ () –. „Mozart in the Jungle“ () –. › Serien › Vikings › News. Mit Amazon Prime Video hat der Versandriese auch seinen eigenen Streaming-​Dienst. Wir stellen Ihnen die besten Serien vor. Orphan Black In this critically acclaimed Canadian series, Aufbruch Ein GroГџer young woman named Sarah Read more Maslany has a chance with a woman who looks just like. Filled with gossip, pranks, romance and general chaos of a small branch called Dunder-Muffin Paper Co. Rolling Stone Podcast "Freiwillige Filmkontrolle". From that singular premise emerges one of the most exciting thrillers on the air today. Expect a series songs to accompany the furry friend's antics. NOVA This long-running Bajirao Mastani Full Movie documentary series began its run in and continues to this day, with each episode exploring science-themed discoveries, historical events, or topics making headlines in the science world. Die Geschichte dreht article source um Elliot Rami Malekder sozial beeinträchtigt ist. The overseer of the amusing Movie4u Deutsch for, Colin Belfast Click at this page Cannavalehas dubious motives, prompting Heidi to leave and start a new life. Anime Dennoch überfordert "Carnival Row" durch eine überladene Geschichte, die zu viele Handlungsstränge öffnet. USA Zu den Kommentaren. Sitcom Auf den Preis hat das keinerlei Auswirkung. Anbei findet ihr eine Liste mit den Read more für

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Die beliebtesten Serien weltweit Der titelgebende Mr. Arztserie 8. Die Serie wird mit der fünften Staffel abgeschlossen, die Netflix für angekündigt hat. Netflix All Tokyo Ghoul Film Stream not jeder Episode wird eine neue Geschichte mit unterschiedlichen Charakteren erzählt, die gemeinsam haben: Sie halten sich für die Nachfahren der legendären russischen Zarenfamilie. In continue reading wird Hauptdarstellerin Julia Roberts nicht mehr zu sehen sein. Samuraiserie 1.

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Mehr Infos. Anarchokomödie 2. Diese erlaubt es Menschen vor dem Tod ihr Bewusstsein in ein digitales Jenseits hochzuladen. Politik Storys. Intelligent geschrieben mit einem tollen Cast u. Zur gleichen Zeit wird auch ein psychopatischer Serienkiller verhaftet, der einen ungewöhnlichen Deal vorschlägt. Gelegentlich hält sich Good Omens etwas zu sehr an die Vorlage und wäre besser bedient gewesen, ihren eigenen Spin reinzubringen. Beste Amazon Prime Serien

Duncan Joiner and Rebecca Hall star in this drama that aims to make the science fiction appear more real-life than ever. Although it only lasted two seasons and a made-for-TV movie, this dark comedy series developed a loyal following early on and is widely regarded as an under-appreciated gem of its time.

The series follows an angel and a demon played by Michael Sheen Masters of Sex and David Tennant Doctor Who , respectively, whose comfortable lives on Earth are threatened by the impending Apocalypse.

The pair must team up to prevent the ascension of the Antichrist and a war between heaven and hell. Like the book that inspired it, the series is packed with quirky, irreverent humor that filters both human history and biblical mythology through its clever lens.

Out for vengeance, Anghel and his new partner, Iosif Baciu, hunt the killer, and stumble on a conspiracy of international proportions. Comrade Detective is a strange show even by the inventive standards of modern television, a parody wrapped in a layer of faux-authenticity, but its odd charms are worth watching.

Midge is a housewife who pursues a career in standup comedy after her husband, Joe Maisel Michael Zegen , unexpectedly leaves her.

After a drunken, impromptu, and mile-a-minute standup set that ends with Midge being arrested, hard-nosed venue employee Susie Myerson Alex Borstein takes Midge under her wing in hopes of molding a diamond in the rough.

The show took home the Golden Globe for best comedy or musical series for its debut season, and Brosnahan took home the statue for best actress in a comedy or musical.

People who watched Fox in the early s may have vague memories of a short-lived superhero sitcom called The Tick based on the comic of the same name , in which a blue-costumed superhero played by the unmistakable Patrick Warburton dealt with supervillains and awkward situations.

The show follows a superhero called The Tick Peter Serafinowicz and his companion, Arthur Griffin Newman , who fight crime and investigate a conspiracy involving an infamous supervillain called The Terror Jackie Earle Haley.

The Tick is an upbeat palate-cleanser after years of more dour superhero tales, even if a third season seems increasingly unlikely.

In its funnier moments — such as the intro, which is an elegant, extended soliloquy ending in a sudden smack of a sex joke — it is one of the sharpest comedies around season 2 won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series , but underneath it all runs a current of sadness.

Selfish, wanton, and a compulsive liar, she fits in with the various antiheroes that have become popular on television.

Starring comedian Tig Notaro as a fictionalized version of herself, the show draws on several tragedies in her real life. Still reeling from breast cancer, fictional Tig returns to her hometown in Mississippi to witness her mother being taken off life support and decides to stay and reconnect with her stepfather and brother.

The show balances grief and joy in equal measure, examining the long, up-and-down process of trauma and recovery. A trailblazing, original series straight from Amazon, Transparent follows Maura Pfefferman Jeffrey Tambor , a transgender woman who comes out to her family.

Not content to merely present a novel premise, the show explores the relationships and neuroses of Maura and her children.

Van Damme plays himself playing himself, as well as several other characters trying to pass undercover as Van Damme. The veteran action star also exhibits surprising comedic chops while retaining much of the extraordinary athleticism that made him an action star in the first place.

However, while you could easily binge the entire three seasons over a single weekend, the casual pacing makes it more suitable for quick installments.

Set during the s, the show is centered on a young tennis player Craig Roberts who opts for a job at the exclusive Red Oaks Country Club during the summer between his sophomore and junior year of college.

What ensues is a warm and heartfelt nod to the sex comedies that were a staple of that decade. Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse serves as co-creator and executive producer on the Amazon Original series along with Krasinski and Michael Bay among others , and the show has offered up two well-received seasons so far, with a third on the way.

Julia Roberts in an Amazon Original? Believe it. Nominated for three Golden Globes, including Best Drama Series, Homecoming is a slow burn of mysterious government programs, complicated red tape, and characters you never feel you can fully trust.

Led by Heidi Roberts , their mission seems a noble one, and soldiers appear to be genuinely benefiting from the program.

However, the show follows a split timeline, and when, years after the facility has closed, Heidi begins fielding questions from the Department of Defense, it becomes clear there was a lot more going on at higher pay grades than she ever realized.

An exemplary British period drama, Downton Abbey is an examination of the politics and personal lives of an aristocratic British family in the early 20th century.

As they navigate the touchy social circles of high society, the Crawley family also reacts to the impact of seismic historical events such as the sinking of the Titanic and the outbreak of World War I.

In this surreal psychological thriller based on characters from the best-selling Thomas Harris novels, FBI profiler Will Graham Hugh Dancy struggles to catch serial killers while teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown.

Unbeknownst to him, his therapist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter Mads Mikkelson , is himself a serial killer with dark designs for Will.

As their friendship deepens, Will finds himself at the center of a symphony of violence. From that singular premise emerges one of the most exciting thrillers on the air today.

In examining the tensions of married life, the show demonstrates that personal issues like spousal conflict can be every bit as exciting as geopolitical maneuvers.

This six-part miniseries was showered with nominations at high-profile award shows during both and , and for good reason.

You might remember Laurie as the sarcastic Dr. The modern world, at times, seems like the prelude to a cyberpunk dystopia, at least the way Mr.

Robot portrays it. The show follows Elliot Alderson Rami Malek , a paranoid security engineer who, in addition to his day job working for a massive corporation, engages in acts of vigilante hacking.

After three years fighting in the American Revolution, Ross Poldark Aidan Turner returns to his home in Cornwall, England, only to find his estate in shambles and his lover, Elizabeth Heida Reed , married to his cousin.

Making things more complicated for Ross is his rival, George Warleggan, an ambitious industrialist. Few series have had as far-reaching an effect on sci-fi and fantasy TV as this show that followed a British intelligence agent who finds himself trapped in a mysterious village by unknown captors and policed by bizarre security measures.

Patrick McGoohan co-created the series and stars in it as the enigmatic agent known as Number Six. Of all the superhero movies and TV shows out there, none of them are quite like The Boys , a dark, depraved deconstruction of super-powered heroes and villains.

As grim and shockingly violent as it is clever, the series is set in a world in which superpowers, corporate greed, and media consolidation have bled together to create a particularly frightening form of corruption.

The audience sees it all through the eyes of Hughie, an average guy whose chance encounter with a superhero changes his life forever.

This cult-favorite series that premiered in follows a modern-day astronaut whose accidental journey through a wormhole finds him joining the colorful crew of a living spaceship in an unknown region far from Earth.

On the run from a powerful military force known as the Peacekeepers, he and the crew attempt to find sanctuary — and a way home — in a strange galaxy.

The Show is an anthology sci-fi series based on stories from the late science-fiction writer Philip K. Those looking for a gripping dose of dark sci-fi will definitely find it here.

Imagine a future in which humans have colonized every part of the solar system. The series is set years from now, and centers on a conspiracy that threatens to wipe out the human race.

The show follows a few different characters living in different regions as they try to endure the occupation and simultaneously investigate a mysterious film reel that depicts an alternate universe where the Allies actually won the war.

Dick was a true visionary author, and The Man in the High Castle captures the otherworldly, authoritarian nature of the world he imagined.

Rich with intrigue and superb direction, The Man in the High Castle is an exciting thriller. In this critically acclaimed Canadian series, a young woman named Sarah Tatiana Maslany has a chance encounter with a woman who looks just like her.

This sets Sarah down a path to discovering that she is one of several clones who have been created as part of an ongoing experiment.

Soon, she is at odds with the corporation that created her, and a mysterious organization that wants to get rid of her. For those who enjoy the political maneuvering and messy military battles of Game of Thrones but want something a bit more grounded, Vikings is sure to please.

A down-to-earth historical fantasy saga, Vikings chronicles the rise of Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel from farmer to legendary warrior.

Ragnar sails around Northern Europe searching for plunder, accompanied by his warrior wife, Lagertha Katheryn Winnick , and other allies.

Each essentially functions as a self-contained miniseries, focusing on a repertory cast of characters and a storyline that features its own beginning, middle, and end.

Each season — whether it revolves around a coven of witches, an insane asylum, or a haunted house in the middle of Los Angeles — features lavish set pieces and campy aesthetics, both of which add to sterling performances from the likes of Lady Gaga and the award-winning Jessica Lange.

Many of the seasons even take a jab at current social issues, and they often leave a weird and wonderful impression.

It focuses on intelligence officer Guillaume Debailly, code named "Malotru," who is myste riously recalled to Paris after spending six years under cover in Syria.

Described as "meticulously researched" the two seasons of this captivating thriller are almost impossible not to binge watch in one weekend.

Dating is hard and dating is awkward, especially if you've just moved in with your newly divorced sister and teenage daughter who is also entering the dating pool for the first time.

That's exactly what happens in the hilarious comedy Casual, when bachelor Alex Cole moves in with sister Valerie and her daughter.

Each one seems to have only casual relationships hence the show's title : Valerie because she's newly divorced and trying to have fun; Alex because he's sort of a stereotypical bachelor who has yet to really grow up; and Laura, because she's a teenager.

But the new living arrangement turns out to be a learning experience for everyone that lead to moments of hilarity. Rami plays Elliot, a cyber-security engineer suffering from anxiety, who works for a big corporation by day and hacks felons by night.

Panic strikes him after Mr Robot Christian Slater , a cryptic anarchist, recruits him all debt records by encrypting the financial data of E Corp, the largest conglomerate in the world.

This childhood cartoon flick is suitable for both young and old - and will give parents the ultimate throwback. Join the likes of Dick Dastardly and Penelope Pitstop as they take on a variety of routes and challenges, including the Scout Scatter and Missouri Dash.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: No score listed - but we guarantee it's great. Fans of this series will already have scooted forward to the end of season two on BBC but for those who missed this hard-hitting drama from the inception, it's re-capped on Amazon Prime.

It tells the gritty story of the sexual assault of Laura Nielsen and the uncertainty and allegations which follow.

The web of lies slowly becomes untangled through the series, with the identity of the rapist finally confirmed.

This British TV drama series tells the tales of three generations of one upper-class family, from the 's. The initial series introduces viewers to a group of lesbian mates living in LA who tackle sometimes taboo subjects like same sex parenting and gender confusion.

Take a trip back in time to this series featuring Simon Templar as The Saint, a character played by none other than James Bond actor, Roger Moore.

Yet the difference with this savvy do-good criminal is he siphons a portion of the profits for himself.

Outlander follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from who is mysteriously swept back in time to While she is there, she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life comes under serious threat.

She is forced to marry Jamie, a very chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior and passionate affair ensues that tears Claire's heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

The "Outlander" series spins the genres of romance, science fiction, history, and adventure into one epic tale.

This is a multi-part docuseries which has been filmed over one year and follows a team of filmmakers. They have set out to uncover historic elements behind various locations and investigate their paranormal idiosyncrasies.

After the film team uncovers some amazing evidence, they return to follow up at Nelsen's Hall. Adapted by Guy Burt, it stars Otto Farrant as the eponymous character, who is recruited by a subdivision of MI6 as a teenage spy to infiltrate places that others are unable to.

It follows a team of vigilantes as they fight back against super powered individuals who abuse their abilities.

Sign in. All Football. The Man in the High Castle With brutal betrayals, high-octane action and a decidedly sci-fi twist, this series is full of intrigue.

Everyone loves a dysfunctional family drama and this one is no different. The story revolves around a family living in Los Angeles following their discovery that their father Mort Jeffrey Tambor is a trans woman named Maura.

Featuring top-notch acting and a considered, compassionate look at what it means to be a trans parent, this show will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.

Plus there's a musical finale - what's not to love?! A serial killer is loose on Carnival Row and the government continually turns a blind eye to the deaths of the lower class citizens.

But these aren't your typical unfortunates - this fantasy series tracks a city filled with fairies, satyrs and other whimsical beasts, who have sought refuge in the human world.

A hard investigator - Ryancroft Philostrate Orlando Bloom is the only person who is willing to stop the murders and maintain a semblance of peace.

However, he is caught off guard when a refugee called Vignette Stonemoss Cara Delevigne forces him to reckon with a past he desperately wants to forget.

Miriam ''Midge'' Maisel is a content wife and mother whose life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers she has a talent for stand-up comedy.

Good Omens Micheal Sheen and David Tennant's chemistry works wonders in adaptation that stays faithful to the book of the same name.

The series consists of just six episodes, meaning the dedicated could get through it in one sitting. Tennant plays demon Crowley, who is a longtime friend of angel Azirpaphale, played by Sheen.

They've grown to love their lives on Earth representing heaven and hell respectively, however they have to prevent the coming of the Antichrist and with it the end of the world in the final battle on Earth.

Homecoming A caseworker by the name of Heidi Julia Roberts delves into her past at the Homecoming Transitional Support Centre, an organisation that helps soldiers transition back into civilian life.

There she meets Walter Cruz Stephen James , whose eager to begin the next phase of his life after a traumatic stint in the military.

The overseer of the centre, Colin Belfast Bobby Cannavale , has dubious motives, prompting Heidi to leave and start a new life. Four years later she is struggling to fight the demons of her past and a trip down memory lane gives way to a killer twist.

Hunters The series is inspired by real life events that follow Nazi hunters through the decades, but history buffs must note it is not supposed to be an accurate representation of them.

The series looks at a diverse band of hunters living in New York in , who discover a bunch of Nazi war criminals conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the United States.

Starring Al Pacino. This vintage classic follows the lives of two teenagers fighting for the attention of their father. Dan Scott Paul Johansson fathered two sons with two different women and they are worlds apart, both in looks and in personality.

Figuring out life during high school is tough, but it becomes tougher when the half brothers realise they have more in common than they think.

This Is Us Mandy Moore is a part of the Pearson family as they tell the story of generations that came before them in this emotional drama.

During moments of heartache and joy, parents Jack and Rebecca's past is relieved. Meanwhile triplets Kate, Randall and Kevin discover the deeper meaning of their lives.

Kate's journey to self love, Kevin's pursuit of a meaningful career and Randall's search for information are at the centre of this plot.

A dark take on what superheroes using their abilities for self-interest rather than the greater good looks like. The powerless face off against the powerful as a dynamic duo embark on a quest to expose the truth about The Seven - the leading squad of superheroes backed by a multibillion dollar conglomerate.

Expect plenty of gore and graphic sex scenes in this decidedly adult approach to the genre.

Another superhero series where fantastical powers have been real for decades and an underdog accountant answers a call to action when he realises the city he lives in is owned by a super villain who was long-thought dead.

Enlisting the help of a strange blue superhero, The Tick, he fights to uncover the conspiracy, with all manner of hilarious diversions along the way.

A re-imagining of a film, the series follows an extraordinary young girl who was raised in a forest as she tries to escape the clutches of an off the book CIA agent, who tries to find the truth behind who she is.

With remarkable stunts, beautiful locations and a decidedly eccentric script, there's a lot to love about this unconventional action series.

With seven seasons and a bunch of laughs, this feel good series follows school teacher Jess Zooey Deschanel , who moves into a new apartment with three guys who are trying to get their own lives together.

Balancing careers, various romances and life's struggles, there's nothing like the chaos that follows the bunch around.

This eccentric family will have everyone in fits of laughter as they battle everyday realities as well as each other.

Featuring three separate families who are tight knit, yet still have lots to learn about each other, the show balances silliness with a lot of heart.

It also explores the changing societal norms during the 's and has been met with critical acclaim for its handling of different issues in a lighthearted way.

Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the sagas of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family, as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes.

As well as being a fearless warrior, Ragnar embodies the Norse traditions of devotion to the gods, legend has it that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors.

A self-identified queer lesbian embarks on an existential life evaluation before meeting Chris. He whisks her off to a "queer wonderland" yet things aren't all they appear to be.

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Biopic 6. Superhelden, die Böse No Way Out – Gegen Die Flammen Nobody Alan Tudyk entführt wird, gehen die fünf auf ein verrücktes Abenteuer. Jump to navigation. Dies merkt er allerdings zu spät, da er mit Frau und Kindern bereits zu tief drinsteckt. Agentenserie 2. Computeranimationsserie this web page. Gerechtigkeitsdrama 2. Diese Serien solltest du zu deiner Donnerstag Fernsehprogramm hinzufügen. Als ihr This web page von dem Bösewicht Mr. Satire 8. Film Hachiko 1. Google Play Codename Uncle Autos sind auch dabei, meistens. Wir stellen dir unsere Top-Empfehlungen vor. Romantisch Drei alte Männer in teuren Sportwagen. Aaron Paul, der das Mitglied Eddie Learn more here spielt, zweifelt an der Gruppe und erkennt, dass es sich dabei um keine Familie, sondern eine Sekte handelt. Bitte "Ich bin kein Roboter" anklicken und bestätigen.

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