Tap into the pulse of your community.


Why PollPit?

Our goal is to facilitate community discussion by allowing individuals to recognize and prioritize issues in their local communities, fostering sustainable solutions. 


Community focused

Through geo-fencing and specific channels for communities, we make it easier than ever for you to engage productively with your neighbors and your community on the issues you care about.


Real time data

By up and down voting, users will be able to prioritize posts as well as answer polls, helping representatives obtain community opinion.


efficient feedback

Users will be able to voice their issues, stories, and questions allowing everyone to understand where their communities stand.


About Us

PollPit is an application that allows individuals to easily communicate with those who represent them, as well giving representatives a way to connect back. Giving everyone an opportunity to build authentic communities and stand at a PollPit. 


June 2018

The City is fortunate to have three College of Charleston students, who just completed a very unique program called ImpactX that helps them design businesses that bring good things to the community. 

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